Shooted by Lisa Preußner



Behind the robust and hermetic appearance of this piece, there is a profound concept which vertebrates and relates three different moods: stress, relaxation and euphoria.

The first colour graduation of violet represents an area of tension, the colour is intense and it is the point in which everything starts. This tension decreases gradually, it becomes transparent and starts to fold itself until the energy receives it and. Slowly, it starts to appear again from its own body like the Phoenix. The contact between the two emotional bodies -obtained thanks to a technique called Incalmo in which the cylinder keeps growing- means a new beginning, a new phase where tension is over and in which-with a soft colour degradation-euphoria emerges triumphantly above the stress area.

• Blown glass
• Incalmo
• Swedish Overlay

Due the complexity of this piece, we only produce it by order. Contact us for more +info.

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