Shooted by Mireia Rodriguez



The Escates – opaque, translucent or transparent- are the final result of the project Contemporary Colored Glass. Research and investigation, funded by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in residence at the Taller de Vidre del Museo de Vimbodí i Poblet (Tarragona).

«Blowing glass works, by inertia, from the center outward. Here I wanted to do it inward, a hidden area of mystery, perhaps even an area of protection / refuge, trying to enhance the verticality of the piece and give a sense of fluidity with a convex shape.

The pieces speak poetically and contemporarily of social combinations, of who has dominion, who does not, of unity, of union, of dispersion, of light and darkness.

Thinking about how opaque glass is at the molecular level – multiple particles of crystals formed by metal oxides breaking the directionality of vision through the glass-, I imagine an invasion of small beings trapped inside. The union of all of them would strengthen them and would not allow to see through. A degrading color, on the other hand, could be a conquest, a defeat, or an extinction. One color mole, a grouping of different individuals. Two colors, a shared partnership or even the birth of a friendship.

The fact is that these societies would need a world to live in and this is where the form comes into play, the scale (in my mother tongue, escata). Thanks to the color we could talk about which one is more neutral, pure, strident or evil.»

The collection has been designed in collaboration with sculptor David Roa.

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