Shooted by Pròsper Riba



The collection, despite its majesty and volume, shares a philosophy and purpose with that of the Little Dancers, but with an added nuance: that of establishing themselves as plausible totems, invokers of life, the most physical and tactile, the most sensorial, the one that builds emotions.

The sculptural forms of the Big Dancers with their ethereal dance with the wind, full of colour and plasticity, remind us that beauty can transcend the boundaries of the visible. Like the Sky Dancers, these crystal giants dance to the rhythm of the wind, defying the laws of gravity and capturing our imagination with their elegance. They are an invitation to let ourselves go with the flow of existence, to flow and interact with each other.

The Big Dancers present themselves as individualities. They are colour-forms, each with their own personality and mood. They are emotional in nature, shaped by social interaction and social structures.

The Big Dancers are 30 centimetres or more, and are unique works. Each Big Dancer consists of several pieces of blown and assembled glass. They are made of clear glass and a significant proportion of barlet glass which gives them their unique colour: dense and shiny mineral.

 «The Dancers of Pròsper Riba emphasize the circularity and the sphericity with pure colors and delicate and geometrical movements, characteristics of the Triadic Ballet of Oskar Schlemmer» Jesús Martínez Clarà

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