Rendered by Lea Ferraton



In Catalan, «matriu» is the female reproductive organ, the place where life develops. As a whole, the Matriu lamp evokes, with its fragile and light vertebrations and connections, the artistic creation.

Formed by three equal pieces of glass that embrace a piece of brass, it invokes the three phases through which inspiration passes before materializing: the idea, the fluctuating idea, and the realized idea. Once the creation has materialized and with great delicacy, as if it were something fragile, with the thumb and forefinger, the creator picks it up. For this reason, the brass piece that crowns the lamp is shaped like a pinch.

Matriu combines the lamellar lightness of glass, the playful spirit of the brass shapes, the vibrant presence of its cable and an innocent handcrafted and craftsmanship. This combination makes the Matriu lamp into a catalyst of ambiances and styles. On its own or in groups, it is adaptable and versatile for both functional and playful spaces.

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