Shooted by Ferran Fàbrega



Lamp formed by three identical pieces which embrace a piece of brass.

This is a personal proposal of how to represent the three states of matter:gas, .liquid and solid in a light object. A metaphor of the three phases an idea goes through before materializing.

Once formed,with delicacy,as if it was something fragile, with your index and thumb, you take it. That is the reason of the brass base of the lamp having the shape of a pinch.

In Catalan, my mother tongue, matriu is the femenin reproductive organ, a place where life is formed, the light, the beginning of a cycle.

• 3D printing
• Glass slumpimg
• Brass casting

• 0,310 Kg
• 130 × 80 mm | 5,1 × 3,1 inch
    (technical specifics here)
• LED 9G 200 lm
• 3000 K

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